Welcome to the National Blue Ribbon Schools historic database containing over 9,000 schools across the nation. The program began in 1982 and the first awards were given out in 1983.

The reporting feature below allows the following columns (fields) to be displayed: state initials, state name, city, district, school name, type of school (private, public), number of awards received, and year(s) of award(s). Also, when available, links to the National Center Education Statistics (NCES) data is provided next to school names and link(s) to program application(s) if awarded after 2003 (year is underlined).

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NOTE: School information is historical from the time of the latest award. Changes in school names, locations, and closings may not be up to date. Additionally, NCES links may not be available or up to date, and their data may not be accurate.

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